AQA Admits Another Exam Error Making Physics Paper Impossible To Answer. Twitter Reacts Accordingly

Phil Boorman

Exam board AQA has admitted to making a typo in a physics exam, making one of the questions "impossible to answer".

The A-level paper, that was sat at 1,200 schools in the UK on Friday, left students so confused that they took to Twitter to express their frustration after the exam.

A spokesperson for AQA told the Independent: “We meant to ask students to compare a 150 kN(c) resistor – not a 150 N(c) resistor as it said in the paper – to a 300 kN(c) resistor.

"At this stage, it looks as though most students haven’t been affected by this, but we’re letting our examiners know and will make sure it doesn’t affect students’ grades.”

On Tuesday, students took to Twitter to rejoice after they realised that one of the questions in their chemistry exam was answered within another question.

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