UK Exams

A new study that says breastfeeding is correlated with higher test scores is the latest example of the limitations of this kind of research.
Year 6 pupils were reportedly left in tears over some of the tests.
It’s another way of making mothers feel guilty about the choices they’ve made.
Children's author says exam question was "not ok" to ask of kids who may never have been abroad.
Education secretary says government will be "putting trust" in teachers after results fiasco last year.
Those sitting the final year test say they were forced to urinate in their seats, with some disqualified for making notes.
As the government closes schools, students are once again sailing into unknown territory, writes Equality Act Review founder Dr Suriyah Bi.
Shadow education minister Emma Hardy tells HuffPost UK ministers need to think about recruiting more assessors now if it wants to push back exams.
Shadow education secretary Kate Green said Year 11 and 13 students face "a mountain to climb" after losing up to six months of teaching time.
Year 12 students across England say they have been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic and claim they have been "ignored and forgotten" by the government.