Ben Ross Breaks Arm During Arm-Wrestling Contest Against Wendell Sailor On Live TV

Arm Wrestling Match Goes Horribly Wrong On Live TV (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

A rugby player has broken his arm live on TV during an arm wrestling contest.

Ben Ross was competing against fellow sportsman Wendell Sailor when the incident happened.

A sickening crunch can be heard in footage of the contest which was broadcast on Australia's NRL Footy Show.

Ross said: "I heard a snap and I didn't know what had happened and when I looked up I saw my arm was at a different level, and when I looked at Wendell's face I knew something was wrong.

"His face, if it was possible, turned white."

Sailor has vowed never to arm wrestle again. He said: "I used to like to do it for fun but I'll never arm wrestle again after seeing what just transpired there.

"Not even for fun, not even with mates."


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