Dad Instinct Strikes Again: And This Time The Dad Saves His Child... And His Car

Dad Instinct Strikes Again

Dads really can save the day... and their kids and their car ALL at the same time.

A hilarious gif has surfaced showing a dad's instant reaction to his daughter who is about to cycle into his car.

Luckily, he saves the day so she doesn't crash and hurt herself... or is he just saving the car? We're unsure.

The gif comes soon after another clip went viral, which showed a dad's instinct save his young daughter from falling head first off the sofa.

The girl takes an unexpected right turn when cycling down the road on her pink bike.

Her dad appears -as if from nowhere - and manages to grab her by the arm before she crashes right into a parked car.

The gif was uploaded to Reddit, and one commenter picked up that the dad "just didn't want to dent his car".

The dads of Reddit then began a discussion about when the "dad instinct/reflex" actually develops.

One wrote: "Dad of a 2-year-old here. It starts developing over time, around the time they start reaching for stuff to put in their mouths. By the time they start walking, you're a full blown Jedi with Jaguar like reflexes".

Whatever age it develops, we want to see more of it please!

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