Malaysia Airlines Flight MH148 In Emergency Landing After Engine Fire Scare On Takeoff

A packed Malaysia Airlines jet was forced to make an emergency landing in Melbourne, Australia on Friday, after an engine fire appeared to break out on board.

Flight MH148 had just taken off for Kuala Lumpa, the capital of Malaysia, but had to make a quick U-turn after an engine fire warning light activated in the cockpit.

The airline confirmed 300 people were evacuated from the plane when it touched down.

Route taken by MH148

Airport officials said the Airbus A330 dumped fuel south of Melbourne as a safety precaution before landing.

"The pilot called an emergency landing and as standard procedure when a pilot calls any sort of emergency landing, emergency personnel are currently on site," they told AP.

Altitude and speed changes tracked

A preliminary inspection was conducted and revealed no external physical evidence of a fire, but the Airline tweeted to stress safety was its first priority.

The troubled state-owned airline has faced no shortage of disasters, having lost two airlines in the last year.

Underwater searches are currently being conducted by the Australian authorities for the plane's debris, but are still clueless as to what caused the jet disappear.

Months later, in July, a Malaysia Airlines plane was shot out of the sky in Ukraine, with all 298 on board killed.