Producer Gordon Gray Fights To Raise £6.4 Million For Daughters With Fatal Batten Disease

Celebrities Rally To Raise £6.4 Million For Producer's Daughters With Fatal Illness

Celebrities are taking to Twitter to help raise £6.4 million for a Hollywood producer whose two young daughters have been diagnosed with a fatal brain disease.

Gordon Grey's children, four-year-old daughter Charlotte and 20-month-old Gwenyth, are battling Batten disease -- an incredibly rare neurodegenerative disorder, for which there is currently no cure.

Grey and his wife Kristen received diagnosis in March, after noticing that Charlotte's development had reached a plateau.

Gordon and Kristen Gray, with their daughters Charlotte and Kirsten

Doctors suggested that Gwenyth was also tested, and two weeks later they received the heartbreaking news that she was also affected by the disease that is so rare, it usually only affects around 10 people in the world at one time.

The couple were searching for a possible beacon of hope when they found a medical researcher in New Zealand who has successfully cured a similar disease in animal trials. He believes he could find a cure for the disease if he had the funding to push his research to the next stage.

Six-year-old Charlotte and 20-month-old Gwenyth Gray

Without treatment, the girls will progressively lose their sight, followed by their motor skills and eventually the ability to eat. Most children with the illness, Late Infantile NCL Batten Disease CLN6, die between the ages of six and 12.

The Grays were given a ball-park figure of £6.4 million to get the research off the ground, so they formed The Charlotte And Gwenyth Gray Foundation in a desperate bid to raise the funds before time runs out.

In an emotional video, Mr Gray says: "I'm never going to give up hope, or give up fighting. I have to believe that I'm going to save my girls."

Celebrities including Amanda Seyfried, Gwyneth Paltrow, Justin Timberlake and Channing Tatum have tweeted their support for the campaign.