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Latest wave of testing announced after new positive case discovered in city.
The prime minister tells PMQs he has "nothing to conceal" in chats with businessmen about Covid contracts.
The restrictions will come into force from Friday morning.
Cases in the country have been surging, while a strain first detected there has since been found in the UK.
R measures the number of people, on average, that each sick person will infect.
Official figures, published for the first time since England unlocked on Monday, show London is among the areas with rising cases.
The government has not updated official data, refused to answer questions, and failed to hold a single press conference.
Matt Hancock said the government had “a duty of care to those most vulnerable to Covid-19”. But unions warn plan could "backfire".
Cases in Southwark and Barnet have been identified following the emergence of a cluster in Lambeth and Wandsworth.
Lambeth Council said it is "vital" that residents get tested to help control the spread of the virus.