Amazon Patents A System That Uses Ear Shapes To Unlock Phones

Why Our Ears Could Become The Perfect Phone Password

The shape of your ears could soon be the key to unlocking your phone, if Amazon has anything to do with the future of personalised mobile security.

Amazon has patented a device created by Seattle-based inventor Leo Baldwin that captures images of your ear, using the front camera of your phone to decide if you are the phone's owner.

The system works in a similar way to finger-print recognition, partly because ear shape is unique to each person.

As well as phone security, the device will also recognise if you are holding the phone in the right or left hand and the distance between the phone and your ear, automatically controlling the phone volume.

The outer lobe of our ear has often been touted as a more robust option for personal identification because it doesn't vary with age.

According to a study published by the University of Southampton, an algorithm proved that ear shape is one the most accurate ways of identifying people.

As phone security becomes increasingly problematic, Baldwin's device could unlock the way forward to safer personal identification metrics.

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