'Strictly Come Dancing': Ola Jordan To Quit Show To Become A Mother?

Ola Jordan has only just signed up for the new series of ‘Strictly Come Dancing’, but she’s revealed that she's already thinking about her exit from the show.


The professional dancer has said she will quit the show in the future, to become a mother.

Ola Jordan

A new documentary, starring Ola and husband James Jordan, will show her opening up about starting a family.

“I know my clock is ticking,” The Mirror quotes her as saying.

"’Strictly’ is different from doing a normal job, a nine to five. But I also wanted to be the first female pro dancer to last for 10 years.”

Ola denied rumours she was pregnant last month, after sparking whispers when she wore an uber-clingy, curve-enhancing maxi dress to the Lorraine High Street Fashion Awards.

Ola with husband James

She took to Twitter to assure fans she had just put on some weight after suffering a serious knee injury while in training for ‘The Jump’ last year.

“Breaking news! I’m just fat,” she wrote.

Ola’s husband James has also been making the headlines today (15 June), with his pretty controversial comments about same-sex couples competing on ‘Strictly Come Dancing’.

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Ola Jordan: 100 Sexiest