Kid's Reaction To Finding Out He Is Going To Disneyland Is Priceless

Many children dream of going to Disneyland, so you can imagine the moment any child is told that dream is about to become a reality is going to be a special one.

Sean's parents anticipated a big reaction when they decided to film themselves telling him and his sister the good news.

And it went down a storm.

The boy is initially sat teary-eyed in the back of the car while his mum gives him options of where they could go that day, but none of her suggestions impress him.

The mother then says she received a box in the mail, which she hands over to Sean who begins to look intrigued.

He rips open the box to find four Disney Magic Bands - Disney's newest technology which allows visitors to hold all their park tickets in one place.

Sean, who was only just recovering from being initially teary, is stunned in silence, bursts into tears again and frantically unbelts his seatbelt to give his mum a huge hug.

His sister, on the other hand, isn't quite sure what's going on (and isn't as excited as him).

Overwhelmed by joy, Sean carries on crying and his dad asks him: "Are you happy? Are those tears of joy?"

As if that wasn't enough, Sean's parents break the news that they are going right that second, as the car is already packed with all their suitcases.

Sean's nonplussed sister then asks: "Can I have my wristband?"

It definitely makes us want to go to Disneyland, too...

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