Jurassic World Boycott Plans In Motion As Comedian Discovers Accidental Racism

Jurassic World Is Accidentally Racist And Everyone Is Hilariously Horrified

Racism might just be a prehistoric concept according to comedian Guzzy Bear, who found out the hard way about a dinosaur named Pachycephalosaurus, while sitting down to watch Jurassic World at his local cinema.

Bear, who was clearly oblivious about the species that hails from North America, was shocked to overhear a woman sitting next to him say the 'Pachys are out of containment' at the start of the film, obviously assuming she was referring to the racial slur and not the dinosaur. Oh dear.

Things went from bad to worse when he caught an elderly man also smirking at the lady's remark.

Guzzy's mild puzzlement soon turned to outrage (naturally) when lo and behold, one of the Jurassic World actors also boldly stated that the 'Pachys are out of containment.' Oh the difference a vowel can make.

Like all good citizens, he waited till the end of the movie to tell the entire theatre that there are no "paki" dinosaurs, at which point his friendly neighbour pulled out a phone to show the comedian that he was well and truly wrong.

Desperate to have the last word Bear took to YouTube tell the world about this 'global conspiracy' mistakenly referencing the Pakisaurus in his rant -- a species that doesn't feature in Jurassic World but is nevertheless, from Western Pakistan.

He has now launched #boycottJurassicWorld and the Twitteratti have obediently followed.

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