Kate Moss In First Public Appearance Since Being Kicked Off EasyJet Flight

You may remember hearing about Kate Moss being chucked off an EasyJet flight from Turkey...

Well she's back in the spotlight again after she went on a night out with friend and grande dame of fashion Vivienne Westwood.

Moss was at LouLou's private members club in her first public appearance after the budget airline controversy.

Kate Moss has made her first public appearance after being removed from an EasyJet flight (file photo)

The 41-year-old was pictured in good spirits and dancing with her fellow guests at the Another Man magazine party.

At one point game Moss, in an cropped-leather corset, was seen crawling around the floor.

The supermodel didn't appear concerned about the EasyJet incident, which culminated in her branding the pilot a "basic bitch", as she partied the night away at the executive club.

During the EasyJet flight complaints were made about the model after she reportedly started drinking from her own bottle of alcohol.

Without naming Moss, Bedfordshire Police responded to inquiries about the incident by confirming they were called to help staff with a passenger being disruptive on a flight.

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