12 People You Always See On The Tube

12 People You Always See On The Tube

After a few commutes in London you start to notice a lot of the people you see on the Underground are a bit... odd.

And there's definitely a few types that seem to pop up again and again...

1. The sleeping guy who's almost definitely missed his stop but you're not sure if you should wake him up or not

2. The guy who's a little bit too into his music

3. The person with food that smells really, really good and makes you wish you were at home having dinner

4. The person who shouts "can you move further inside please" on a packed train as if you haven't already done that

5. The guy who's really obviously desperate to steal a seat as soon as possible

6. The person who thinks they're way more important than anyone else

7. The group of people who are so full of joy you start to hate them a little bit because you're just commuting

8. The really attractive person who won't return your passing glances

9. The kid on work experience who's blatantly wearing his first ever suit

10. The 'public display of affection' people

11. The slob who's wolfing down a meal deal like they haven't eaten in months

12. The tourists who seem to think the Tube is some kind of witchcraft

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