10 Years Ago Today... David Tennant First Appeared As 10th Doctor Who, Following Christopher Eccleston's Regeneration (VIDEO)

It was a decade ago today that David Tennant first entered The Tardis, forged himself onto the public consciousness as the tenth Doctor Who and created one of the most memorable characters in modern TV history.

Watch David Tennant steal the show with his first Tardis appearance in the video above

It was a case of goodbye Christopher Eccleston, hello David Tennant, as the ninth Doctor was forced to regenerate after absorbing "too much of the Vortex" during a battle with regular Nemesis, the Daleks.

Christopher Eccleston made his dazzling Whovian debut in 2005

Companion Rose (Billie Piper) awoke to find her regular Doctor in pain, and panicked when he told her every cell in his body was dying. However, the good news was... he had a card up his sleeve, which meant - after telling her how fantastic they had both been - he surrendered to the power of the zap and emerged... with a cockney accent, and the round brown eyes of David Tennant.

Billie Piper as Rose could only look on in surprise as the regeneration happened before her eyes

Thus was history made. Tennant went on to play the Doctor for three series and nine specials, becoming one of the most popular characters of the show's modern era, and finally making way 1 January 2010 for Matt Smith. David Tennant said of his time on the show, ""Who wouldn't want to be the Doctor? I've even got my own TARDIS!"

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