Ed Sheeran Helps Fan Propose To His Girlfriend, Who Is Suffering From Cancer

Ed Sheeran Outdoes Himself In The Kindness Stakes

It seems now that every time we log onto our computer, Ed Sheeran has outdone himself on his one-man mission to make the world a better place.


Whether he’s performing at a newlywed couple’s wedding, surprising a busker on the street by joining in with her rendition of his track or serenading a terminally ill fan, Ed is constantly making us well up with his random acts of kindness, and his latest just might be his most emotional ever.

A new video, which is already being shared all over the Internet, sees Ed coming to the assistance of a fan, who wanted to propose to his girlfriend, who is currently battling cancer.

Ed Sheeran

News footage shows Pablo Benitez proposing to his Ed Sheeran superfan girlfriend Tanya during one of his concerts.

However, he almost wasn’t able to get tickets for the concert at all, but when Pablo reached out to Ed, telling him the concert fell the night before Tanya was due to undergo surgery to treat a brain tumour, the ‘Lego House’ singer offered the couple free tickets in the front row, and even stopped the gig to give them a shoutout after their proposal.

A local radio station have now offered to throw a wedding for the couple, with the help of listeners.

Ed isn’t the only pop star to have helped out with an emotional wedding proposal, though, after a recent One Direction concert was also the venue for a similar gesture, with a bit of help from the 1D lads.


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