Giant Jellyfish Are Taking Over Our Beaches Again

Keep Calm But Alien-Like Giant Jellyfish Are Invading Our Beaches

The beaches on the south west coast are being invaded again by some seriously big jellyfish.

Due to the sheer number of giant translucent creatures taking over, beaches may need to shutdown.

Jenna Lang from Oldham who spotted their trail while on holiday in Exmouth told local paper Western Morning News:

"There was so many of them - and they were enormous - all over the beach. Someone was marking them so people didn't stand on them. I've never seen so many."

It is not the first time we have had to deal with such an invasion and scientists say it will not be the last given the spate of warm weather we've been enjoying.

Local marine conservation scientist, Dr Keith Hiscock commented:

"Beaches in Portugal have in fact been closed due to the sheer number of jellyfish in the water and that's quite possible here.

"I don't know what sort of authority the lifeguards have, but they would need to close the beaches across the whole region to all swimmers if any of the nasty ones came along."

"Barrel jellyfish are not the type people need to worry about. Some can grow up to four feet wide, but most only reach two or three and only a few people actually react to their sting.

"It's the blue jellyfish and the compass jellyfish that have stings.

"They're the ones people ought to look out for and be aware that they can sting.

"It's best for swimmers and beach-goers to avoid any contact with them."


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