J Crew 'Racist' Advertisement Is Not What It Seems

J Crew has been under scrutiny after a picture leaked of a so-called 'racist' advertisement.

The dispute began when a user uploaded the ad featuring a black male model surrounded by the words "We Own Them."

The image subsequently featured on the front page of Reddit and was shared over a million times.

However the original picture that was posted to Reddit wasn't true to the commercial as someone had covered a key word in the campaign "Stripes" with their thumb.

It's likely that the cover-up was intentional and it's unclear where the photo originated.

After the non-racist truth came out people flocked to Twitter to react:

Sadly, situations like this are believable and often taken at face value since the fashion industry is plagued with racially insensitive imagery and a blatant lack of diversity.

J. Crews' team are yet to comment on the incident, but we can speculate that they will be more careful with their adverts in future.