18/06/2015 10:17 BST | Updated 18/06/2015 10:59 BST

Kevin Jonas Discusses His App Yood And Branching Out Into World Of Tech

Kevin Jonas - boyband heart-throb meets entrepreneur - has revealed his tech-savvy history in coding.

In 2014, the eldest of the singing trio launched an app named Yood which boasts hitting 30,000 downloads in just three days.

His fascination for computing comes from high-school where he built a Trogdor video game from scratch.

The second version of Yood! has developed to provide simplicity to the search function for it's users.

Although initially the app was developed solely to help people discover food outlets, the upgrade lets you search for anything from nail salons to gyms.

...And if that wasn't enough the do-it-all app also lets you order food and suggests places for you to go.

During the interview Jonas admits always being interested in the science of computing.

However, the teen-sensation confesses that he himself doesn't code his app, but prides himself on finding the best people that can.

When asked what inspired him to make Yood! Jonas told Mstarz: "Whenever I was on the road with my brothers and we were touring around the world, I always wanted to go somewhere new, see something exciting."

"But then asking the concierge at the hotel and Googling something -- there was always a process. With this, you can just literally one touch of a button you can find a little café down the street that you've never been to."


The eldest Jonas brother is not the only celebrity-gone-tech entrepreneur, he follows a long-line of savvy personalities.

Tom Hanks' created an app modestly named “Hanx Writer,” which allows users to mimic the sound of the ancient technology known as the typewriter on an iPad.

Another in the list, Taylor Swift, has a greeting card mobile app which allows users to send glittery cards via text, email, Facebook or on Twitter.

You can check out Jonas' app here.