Lifeguard Is The Only Person To Spot Boy Drowning In A Pool Full Of People, And Issues Safety Warning

In a pool full of children, inflatable rings, and recurrent wave, a lifeguard was the only person who managed to spot a young boy who was close to drowning.

The video released by Lifeguard Rescue shows the woman blow her whistle, jump in the water, and save the boy who is struggling to stay afloat.

The YouTube channel issues regular warning videos on their channel, demonstrating the unsafe situations children may find themselves in while swimming in the pool.

The administrator of the channel said these videos are shown to new and returning guards for the pool as training tools.

He said: "I play these videos at trainings and go over common problems in our pools and similar traits our guests exhibit when they are in trouble in the water.

"I also use them to have the guards tell me when they would go in for a rescue. I get some really great reactions."

Many parents who have watched the video have thanked the channel for uploading it, as it has made them more aware of their own children.

One commenter said: "As soon as the boy fell of the tube she knew immediately to go in, brilliant lifeguard!"

Another said: "Yep... she was definitely on the ball. I went back and watched her right when the kid flipped out of the tube. The MOMENT he did, she focused on him and prepared to jump in if needed... and the moment she saw him struggling, she jumped."

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