Little Girl Who Died Two Weeks After Cancer Diagnosis Inspires Acts Of Kindness Over The World

An eight-year-old girl who died only two weeks after being diagnosed with bone cancer has inspired thousands of acts of kindness throughout the world.

The young girl from Colorado told her mum just before he died that she "just wanted to be able to make a difference".

Supporters of Maddy Grayson were encouraged to start up a Facebook group called Maddy's Mighty Minions to document the acts of kindness they are doing in honour of her request.

The pay-it-forward campaign now has more than 4,000 members.

Grayson was rushed to hospital only two weeks ago after having a nosebleed that wouldn't stop.

She was diagnosed with a "deadly" form of bone cancer called Osteosarcoma and that at most she had two months to live.

On Fox News, her dad said she has made more difference in four days than he has made in his entire life.

The owner of the Facebook group, Kelly Bradford, wrote that the photos and messages would be passed on to Maddy's parents. She wrote: "Please help us celebrate Maddy and build her army of good-doer minions. We love you Maddy!"

Since the group has been set up, supporters of the eight-year-old have uploaded photos of their acts of kindness, as well as sharing what they did and why they have done it.

Summer DuBols uploaded a photo of a receipt from a restaurant and wrote: "Tonight we left a special tip to our wonderful waitress who is getting married in August in honor of Maddy."

On the photo, she has written #MaddyTheMighty "for a special little girl".

Lynnette Youngclaus McCauley wrote: "We bought dinner for the Police Officer behind us in line at In and Out Burger tonight. We told him about Maddy, and to share the love. ❤ ‪#‎maddysmightyminions‬."

Katie Fackrell Stokes involved her children in her act of kindness - her and her family bought doughnuts then handed them all out to their neighbours. She said she was "touched by this sweet little girl and honored to be a part of ‪#‎MaddysMightyMinnions‬."

Maddy's parents have said the "minions" give them comfort that her message still lives on.

They said the best thing to help them is to simply join the team and pay it forward.