The singer welcomed her son via C-section in 2021 – but he was rushed to intensive care with breathing issues.
"It is frankly shameful that we have known about these disparities for at least 20 years. It cannot take another 20 to resolve," said Conservative MP Caroline Nokes.
The days when they're not technically on the clock are most definitely not days off.
From not being able to afford things for our kids, to feeling guilty for spending time away from them – the parental guilt is real and overwhelming.
"Everything was fine until my 20 week scan, where I was told my son wasn’t growing as quick as he should’ve been."
When my parenting was criticised in public, I can only think the colour of my skin played a part in their judgement, writes Dr Pragya Agarwal.
They didn't call it 'Let Them Roar' for nothing 👶
Hell, I’ve posted pictures similar to Kim if not worse… so what’s the REAL issue?