23/06/2015 08:02 BST | Updated 23/06/2015 09:59 BST

Rita Ora Defends Chris Brown's Past: 'If You Have A Great Song, No-One Cares'

Rita Ora has outed herself as a questionable judge of character, by jumping to the defence of Chris Brown.


The new ‘X Factor’ judge has claimed she “loves” Rihanna’s ex-boyfriend, after pairing up with the convicted criminal on an “amazing” new track.

Rita Ora and Chris Brown

Rita has insisted that despite his conviction for assaulting Rihanna, accusations of homophobia and various stints in jail, that the singer is a “good person with a good heart”.

“Chris Brown is strong, powerful and someone that is important to me personally and professionally,” she told The Sun.

"The discrimination and all what people think? If you have a great song then no-one cares."

She continued: "I love him on different levels. I see how he treats his people and he's a good person with a good heart and a lovely family.

"It's really nice that we finally got together because, regardless of what's happened, the song is just amazing."

Credit where credit's due, judging from his Twitter, Chris has been trying to turn over a new leaf in recent months, and last week he told of ways in which he’s controlling his temper.

He tweeted: “If you ever get really mad at something, try a random act of kindness. I've been trying that lately. So far so good.

“Coming from me.... That's crazy... Lol,” he added.

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