Parents Shocked As Children Let Complete Strangers Into Their Home

A vlogger who conducts social experiments about children's safety has demonstrated that many children need refresher course on "stranger danger" after successfully getting kids to let him into their house.

Joey Salads previously completed a social experiment where he managed to get children to follow him out of the park, simply by sparking up a conversation about his cute dog.

However this time, Salads trialled "Home Invasion" and has shocked parents after managing to get children - who had never met him before - to let him into their houses.

Before conducting the experiment, Salads contacted the parents for permission to set up a camera and they agree to pretend to be in the shower when he arrives.

For each child filmed, Salads knocks on the door and asks: "Is your mum home?"

The children all say yes and explain that she's in the shower.

He then says: "I'm your mum's friend is it okay if I just come in and wait for her?"

At that point, every single child agrees and invites the stranger into their house.

As soon as Salads is let in, he calls down the mum and then explains to the child that he has just been let in the house as a complete stranger.

When prompted as to why they let Salads in one child says, "because he said he was your friend".

Another mother was angry at her children for even answering the door, after they were told not to if they weren't expecting anyone.

Salads says he wants to highlight the importance of teaching your children about strangers and making sure they really understand what the term "stranger" means.

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