This British-Made Hoverbike Is Being Developed For The US Military

British firm Malloy Aeronautics has been contracted by the US military to build a real-life working hoverbike.

What's even more impressive is that it already works.

The Hoverbike will now be developed and produced in Maryland, US.

Using a 1170cc engine, Malloy's first concept aircraft uses two oak propellors, while an ultra-lightweight carbon fibre and kevlar frame makes the chassis as strong as it is durable.

With a max altitude of around 9800ft, the hope is that these one-man craft can replace helicopters by offering a fast, stealthy transport alternative.

It's also incredibly smart, on-board sensors and autopilot features allow the hoverbike to act like a drone, essentially allowing the pilot to pre-plot a route, or even arrive at a destination and then command the hoverbike to go and hide in a pre-set location.

The applications for a hoverbike are frankly countless as it can offer mobility specs that far outweigh anything else available today.

The US military has contracted Malloy to work in partnership with SURVICE, a Maryland-based defence contractor that'll provide the infrastructure and support to help Malloy develop their various prototypes into models that are ready to be deployed.

The hoverbike is based on a classic motorcycle chassis.

While popular culture has idolised the hoverbike from 'Call of Duty' to the film 'The Island', the actual product itself has been notoriously hard to produce, until now of course.

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