22/08/2012 13:44 BST | Updated 22/10/2012 10:12 BST

Aerofex Hoverbike: The Latest (Almost-Real) Land Speeder (VIDEO)

A Californian company's proof-of-concept hoverbike has become an internet sensation.

The Aerofex hover bike is powered by two giant ducted fans, and has (so far) travelled at speeds up to 50km/hour.

The bike is based on previous concepts from the 1960s, but with added balance feedback controls which help prevent the bike from tipping over.

Several tests in the Mojave desert, California, have proven successful - and now the company wants to take it even further.

They think the design they have now could probably travel quicker, but they are taking safety seriously and won't push the craft until they're sure it will hold together.

New prototypes and models are on the cars - and even though they're far off from a working production model, the company envisions a future on the battlefield, or in search and rescue missions and other industrial roles. It mainly sees the craft as a stepping stone to new unmanned drones rather than commercial vehicles - though it's always possible the enormously positive response online might change their minds...

Either way, you know it's not going to be long until someone (unauthorised) tries to race one... Through a forest, pursued by the Empire if possible.

The Aerofex is just the latest attempt to build a working hoverbike. Here are a few more of our favourites.