17/06/2015 11:58 BST | Updated 24/06/2015 04:59 BST

Rosetta Stone's Six Tips To Learn A Language While You're Working Full Time

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A young language master boy knows how to say hello in many different languages. All languages and cultures are beautiful.

Nearly two thirds of businesses want their employers to improve their multi-lingual skills, but how to do it when you're already working full time?

Donavan Whyte, vice president of enterprise and education at Rosetta Stone told HuffPost UK his top six tips on how to learn a language while working a full-time job:

• Find out what workplace schemes are available that would help you in learning a new language. Companies often have further learning programmes that you can join.

• Consider e-learning as an option. E-learning allows you to learn on the go and it’s a flexible option that you could work around your busy work schedule. It’s easy to access and you don’t need to schedule face to face time in your calendar.

• Take practice sessions in a work setting, this could include lunch in your language of choice or other get-togethers where you can practice the language you’re learning. Use native speakers in the workplace as buddies or language learning mentors.

• Learning is no longer tied to the classroom so use your time on the tube or lunch-break for a few minutes' of language practice. At Rosetta Stone, we've developed apps that go way beyond just vocab training.

• Schedule in time throughout the week when you can study and revise and stick to it.

• Watch films and television in your language of choice. It’s great way of picking up common phrases and usage.