'Big Brother' 2015: Brian Belo Says Helen Wood 'Feels No Remorse' Over Her 'Rapist' And 'Murderer' Comparisons

Brian Talks Helen Wood In First Post-'BB' Interview

Brian Belo has admitted he doesn’t think his former ‘Big Brother’ housemate Helen Wood has any remorse for hurtful comments she made about him while he was still in the house.


In Wednesday night’s show, viewers saw Brian hopping over a fence after Helen compared him to a “murderer” and a “rapist” during a furious row.

Although she later apologised in the Diary Room, after being given an official warning for unacceptable behaviour by producers, Brian has revealed he doesn’t believe her, claiming that she enjoys arguing too much to truly feel sorry.

Brian Belo

When asked by Rylan Clark on ‘Big Brother’s Bit On The Side’ whether he thought Helen was sincere in her apology, Brian responded: “Not whatsoever. That girl… she just argues for fun. She thinks that because she’s hard-nosed and she’s the ice queen... she thinks everyone’s got a heart of stone like her, and she doesn’t care about anyone else’s feelings.

Helen Wood was reprimanded for comparing Brian to a 'rapist' and a 'murderer'

“She’s the typical playground… do you know what I mean? Because I’ve stood up to her, she thinks it’s easier to turn it around on me. She’s throwing mud, just because I threw mud on her.”

However, he also said he didn’t want to speak too unfavourably about her - or Marc O’Neill, who was also reprimanded for repeatedly calling Brian a “psycho” - adding: “I’m not even going to say anything bad about them because I want to be able to hold my head up high.”

Brian speaks to Rylan on 'Bit On The Side'

Since Brian’s exit, he has been replaced by another ‘BB’ legend, with Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace making her much-awaited return to the house, who is gunning for Helen and Marc.

'Big Brother' continues tonight at 9pm on Channel 5.

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