25/06/2015 10:00 BST

Kavana Confesses Secret Stephen Gately Relationship, During Boyzone Tour In The 90s

Kavana has spoken for the first time about a secret relationship with Boyzone singer Stephen Gately, back in the 90s.


The ‘I Can Make You Feel Good’ made the confession during an interview with Attitude magazine, revealing he grew close with Stephen - who sadly died in 2009 - after he supported Boyzone on their UK tour.

He explains: “The first person I was really able to talk to about being gay and actually act on it was Stephen Gately.


“I was supporting Boyzone on tour and Stephen and I shared a lot of lingering looks.”

Kavana goes on to discuss their romantic relationship, recalling: “One time we got chatting and one thing led to another and we started seeing each other for a while - but it was all very innocent. It was more about talking and feeling safe with other. There was kissing, we weren’t just playing Disney songs all the time.”

Stephen Gately

Later in the interview, he discusses attending Stephen’s memorial service, saying: “I was very sad as he was the first person I had shared any intimacy with. He was such a lovely, lovely lad.

“It’s really sad. I was never going to say anything at the time as it had been so long before.”

After leaving the ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ house earlier this year, Kavana got engaged to his long-time partner, Neil Ely, with his ‘CBB’ housemate Alexander O’Neal performing a song during the proposal.

Read Kavana’s full interview in the latest issue of Attitude magazine, on sale now.