25/06/2015 11:34 BST | Updated 29/06/2015 11:59 BST

11 People Who Are Totally Overreacting About The Implications Of Gay Marriage

Everybody knows that the only thing that happens when gay people get married is the union of two people of the same sex in the eyes of the law, don't they?

Not exactly. Pastor Rick Scarborough, a Christian political activist and all-round troublemaker has said that he'd be willing to be burned to death or shot in order to stop gay marriage from being legalised.

Woah, Rick. That's a powerful statement. But we're sure you'll have people lining up to lend you a match, or ya know, a flame thrower.

Spurred on by old Rick's bizarre statement, we've rounded up ten other people who instead of accepting gay marriage, have decided to completely blow it out of proportion.

These are the best of the worst...

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