Disney's Animal Kingdom Are Selling Chocolates Shaped Like Actual Animal Poo

Disney Are Selling Chocolates That Look Like Actual Animal Poo

Every parent knows that Disneyland is a black hole for your pennies. Tat emblazoned with a Disney logo is instantly more desirable to kids, and the company's new foodie venture proves it.

An establishment in the Orlando resort's Disney's Animal Kingdom is serving up chocolate treats shaped like poo.

Yep, you read it right. Chocolatey poo treats.

There are four different 'flavours' (or species...) to choose from: giraffe, elephant, hippo and tamarin.

This is what a tamarin looks like, if you were wondering

Each chocolate poo is the same shape and consistency *gags* as its real life counterpart.

Apparently the giraffe option is like fudge brownie, while the elephant is mostly oats and peanut butter. Dumbo did like peanuts...

Disney's Animal Kingdom made headlines in the US earlier this year when they announced that they were putting up their ticket prices to cross the $100 threshold, taking them up to around £60 per person.

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