How To Cover Dark Circles Under Eyes With Makeup: Use A Red Lipstick As Concealer

How To Conceal Dark Circles... With Red Lipstick

Eye creams, concealers, powders and foundations - makeup artists have a lot in their arsenal to cover up those dark under eye circles, but we never imaged red lipstick could be the real secret weapon.

Beauty vlogger and makeup expert Deepica Mutyala's YouTube video showed her (rather strange sounding) trick.

The results are so impressive that the video has gone viral and has been viewed almost 7.5 million times since it was posted five months ago.

Before, during, after

The technique is based on the old makeup artist trick of "colour correcting" using the colour wheel to cancel out darkness under the eyes - red is the opposite hue to the blue on the circle, so it cancels out under eye circles.

To try it out at home, simply apply red lipstick, let it set for about a minute and blend concealer over the red area with a sponge.

Paler skin tones should opt for a more peachy shade of lipstick rather than a bright red.


To try it out for yourself, watch Mutyala's tutorial in the video above.


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