Family Dog Learns How To Say Mama Before The Baby (No, We're Not Kidding)

Most mothers can identify with the struggle to try and get their child to say the word "Mum" for the first time.

But what you probably wouldn't expect, is the pet dog to beat your child to it.

In this adorable video, Ginette Diaz is sitting on the sofa eating dinner trying desperately to get her Grandson to say the word.

He's staring up at her, and next to him is their pet dog, Patch.

Before Diaz feeds her grandson a spoonful of dinner, she tries to get him to say "Mama" for the first time, by consistently repeating the word: "Mama, Mama, Mama".

The young boy looks slightly confused and just looks around the room, but the eager pet dog is growling, barking and probably just wanting to be fed.

When the baby says nothing, the dog gets impatient and his barks and growls start to sound a lot like a "Mama" sound.

And it isn't just once - the dog repeats the word over and over again.

While everyone laughs out loud, the 15-month-old doesn't look too happy to be upstaged and starts tapping the dog in the face.

Andres Diaz, the boy's grandfather who shared the video, told BuzzFeed life the background behind the story.

After his wife, Ginette, suffered a brain injury in a car accident, the dog became her companion and comforted her through recovery.

He said when she fully recovered, Ginette taught her dog how to say "Mama", and in the video can be seen trying to teach her Grandson to do the same.

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