Meet 'Little Miss Egypt' Who Gets Presents From The Kardashians And Has More Than 100,000 Fans

Eight-month-old Egypt has captured the hearts of thousands with her big blue eyes, including the Kardashian family.

Egypt is the daughter of an Australian rapper Fortafy and his partner, Shana Evans, and now has her own "public figure" Facebook page, set up by her dad.

The baby has become a viral sensation after fans have been transfixed by her looks - but mainly her eyelashes.

Her fame began after the rapper shared a photo of Egypt wearing a Kardashian Kids-brand beanie online and, after being shared by the Kardashian Kids Instagram account on 3 June, it received almost 30,000 shares.

We spot @fortafy's little miss Egypt in her #kardashiankids beanie! 👀

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Fortafy has been chuffed at the response, and told the Mirror: "It's awesome to be acknowledged and really made me proud as a parent."

Doing interviews all over the world and she's here just sleeping lol 😍😍

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A photo posted by fortafy (@fortafy) on


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But that isn't where her fame stops.

The famous tot received a handwritten note from the Kardashians with kids' gear to wear, after they saw the photo of her in the beanie.

It said, according to the Mail Online: "Dear Shana, Fortafy and your beautiful daughter. Hope you love these new pieces from our Kardashian Kids collection. Xo Kourtney, Kim and Khloe."

Fortafy told Daily Mail Australia that his girlfriend often told she looks like Kim Kardashian herself.

"Shana's been getting that for years. People have always said she looks like her [Kim]," he said.

And we completely agree. Just look at the resemblance below.

Proud of my princess making the headline story for daily mail 😍😍

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Many people are sharing the youngsters photo with the hashtag "eyelash goals" on social media.

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