02/07/2015 07:42 BST | Updated 02/07/2015 07:59 BST

Linda Nolan Receives Caution, After Being Overpaid Over £6,000 In Benefits

Linda Nolan has been issued with a caution from Blackpool Borough Council, after being overpaid over £6,000 in benefits.

The former ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ housemate was previously charged with fraudulently claiming £12,000, after failing to declare income from TV appearances, and her magazine column, however the Department of Work and Pensions later closed its case.

linda nolan

Linda Nolan

The Blackpool council then offered a caution to Linda, who has already started paying back the cash she was wrongly paid.

In a statement issued to the Mirror, Steve Thompson, the director of resources at Blackpool Council, explains: "I can confirm that Linda Hudson has accepted a caution in respect of an overpayment of £6,053 of Council Tax Benefit, Housing Benefit and Council Tax Reduction Scheme discount.

"Blackpool Council takes its responsibilities to the council taxpayer very seriously and prosecutes all cases beyond a certain threshold, where certain criteria are met.

"On this occasion it has been decided that a caution is the most appropriate course of action. The overpayment is currently being repaid."

Following her initial charge, Linda addressed the benefit fraud accusations, explaining that it was “all an innocent mistake”.

“It’s just a terrible feeling. I feel ­embarrassed and ashamed, and I can’t help but think people will be looking at me thinking I’m a cheat,” she said in May. “But I’m not a benefits scrounger, a liar, a thief or a cheat. I’ve made a simple mistake, that’s all that it is – and I’m devastated about it.

“I just want to hold my hands up and say I am sorry. I’ve already started to pay it back. I will pay it back in full.”

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