Paul Rudd ‘Farts' His Way Through ‘Ant-Man' Interview. Yes It's Childish, But It's Also Really Funny (VIDEO)

Paul Rudd ‘Farts' His Way Through Interview, Chaos Ensues.

We’ve all experienced that red-faced moment when we’ve sat on a leather chair only for it to make a fart noise.


Paul Rudd, however, took it to a whole new level during a recent interview when he discovered what sounded like a built-in whoopee cushion in his chair.

And it was interviewer, Erin Robinson, who looked more embarrassed as she quizzed the actor about his starring role in ‘Ant-Man’.

Well, those endless interviews with the world's press asking the same old questions must get REALLY tedious, so we can’t say we blame Paul for having a little fun.

“My stomach’s a little upset,” he tells the interviewer at one point.

Cue the whole thing descending into (childish) chaos.

Click the video above to watch Paul ‘fart’ his way through the interview.

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