Paul Rudd

The Marvel actor told Jimmy Kimmel he received a fake Cameo video from his co-star while he was in hospital.
He also spoke about turning down a role that became a huge success for Bradley Cooper, and talking himself out of a major comedy.
"My entire my career, I’m on an anti-promotional tour," the Ant-Man star joked.
The Ant-Man star played Phoebe Buffay's husband Mike in the final season of the award-winning sitcom.
The Ant-Man star's winking masterclass is the ultimate proof he's one of the most charismatic men alive.
We reckon that's the last time the Ant-Man star will be getting on the wrong side of his famous pal.
The Marvel actor was asked for his top tip during an interview with Men's Health.
“How’s that for Sexiest Man Alive, huh?” joked the Ant-Man star.
Paul, who starred alongside Alicia in the 1995 film, bagged the People magazine title earlier this week.