Paul Rudd

The Superbad star says he “didn’t notice” that the Antman actor had intercepted his spa day.
Many fans were left disappointed when the actor was not announced to make a cameo in the episode.
The full list of guest stars for the one-off special has now been unveiled – with one big omission.
Unbelievably, the forever-fresh-faced actor turned 52 this week.
Two more reasons for people in New York to go out: Paul Rudd and free cookies.
Paul Rudd talks directly to his fellow millennials in a hilarious PSA about wearing masks to prevent the transmission of COVID-19. In the spoof commissioned by the New York Governor's Office, Rudd employs his best slang to appeal to his fellow youths. Only breaking character at the end, when the obviousness of his message gets the better of him.
She ended up married to Mike, but David Crane has admitted things could have been very different for Lisa Kudrow's character.
You probably mostly forgot about the final Iron Man film, so let me remind you that it made over $1.2 billion dollars