02/07/2015 07:58 BST | Updated 02/07/2015 08:59 BST

Wingsuit Pilot Makes Dangerous Dive Through Two Metre Mountain Hole

Nobody should be able to fly through a narrow hole on a mountain dressed in nothing but a wingsuit.

However, Italian pilot Uli Emanuele was brave (crazy) enough to attempt and pull it off.

His flight path took him through a two-metre hole on a mountain - equal to the width of two 30cm classroom rulers.

wingsuit flight

In order to make the base jump Emanuele hiked to the top of a mountain and began a steep and speedy descent towards the hole.

Armed with his suit, goggles and a helmet, he expertly steered his way through the narrow gap in the rock and safely flew through to the other side. Relief.


Writing on his Facebook page, Emanuele says: "I focus my job on finding out places never jumped before and searching for new terrain flight lines."

According to GoPro, who posted the video on YouTube the jump took Emanuele three years of preparation time.

So, don't try this at home.