03/07/2015 06:50 BST | Updated 03/07/2015 06:59 BST

Melbourne Church Apologises For Telling Female Teenagers Not To Hug Because It'd Make Them Want Sex

manifeesto via Getty Images
Happy teen couple embracing at street. Great relationships.

According to a church in Melbourne, Australia, if a woman becomes physically close and hugs a guy for 20 seconds it will make her want to have sex with him.

That's what a pamphlet distributed by the Pentecostal CityLife church to high school students during a sex education class said anyway.

"If a woman becomes physically close and hugs a guy for 20 seconds it will trigger the bonding process, creating a desire to be near him," the text read. "So girls especially need to be aware of the powerful bonding effect of oxytocin."

But, if you hugged and then had sex with too many people, then the hugging method wouldn't really work anymore. Apparently.

"The inability to create this special chemical bond after having multiple sex partners is almost like tape that loses its stickiness after being applied and removed multiple times."

Students at Fairhills High School in Victoria were the lucky recipients of the theory, and, according to the Guardian Australia, school officials are now investigating.

The acting principal of the school says the church programme has now been scrapped, adding: "We regret that these materials were distributed to students."