06/07/2015 13:49 BST | Updated 06/07/2015 13:59 BST

Kim Murray Hair Tutorial: How To Get A Beautiful Blow Dry At Home In 6 Simple Steps

Kim Murray rarely has a hair out of place, even when battling with breezy conditions court side as she watches her husband Andy Murray play at Wimbledon.

For anyone whose hair isn't naturally straight and voluminous, achieving a look that is sleek and glossy, but still full of movement can be tricky.

But British hairdresser, Nicky Clarke has shared his styling secrets so you can recreate Murray's look at home...

Murray wears ‘Sabitri’ In Red Rose Print and Navy - £575 from Beulah London.

1. Take diagonal sections beginning at the nape of neck and comb through a light mousse (we used Nicky Clarke Flexible Hold Mousse).

2. To achieve a healthy shine, add some smoothening cream throughout the hair as you comb through large sections and squeeze into the hair. Avoid the roots to avoid build up which can leave hair greasy.

3. Blast the hair with a hairdryer to take out all the moisture.

4. Section off the fringe area in a triangle section. Using a vent brush, move the dryer from side to side so there is no natural part to the hair. Use a small round brush and blow dry the ends downwards. Avoid the roots. Volume will naturally appear due to the movement created by the vent brush.

5. To create that little bit of movement, set the hair in heated rollers (we used Nicky Clarke’s Classic Compact rollers). Leave these in as long as possible to create optimum bounce to the hair.

6. Release the rollers and brush out using a wide tooth comb for separation.

After all of that, your mane should be able to withstand any number of hair-pullingly tense moments...

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