06/07/2015 06:55 BST | Updated 06/07/2015 07:59 BST

Queen Meets Second World War Pilot Allan Scott Who She Told Off 72 Years Ago

A Second World War pilot was told off by the Queen more than 70 years ago, says he is thrilled to meet her again.

The pair met for the second time at a reception in Edinburgh for the Royal Auxiliary Air forces during her week of royal engagements in Scotland.

Recalling the reprimand, Allan Scott who is 94, said the then 16-year-old Elizabeth "politely admonished" him.

This time Queen Elizabeth II is all smiles...

The pair's first meeting occurred in 1943 when the veteran was summoned to Buckingham Palace after shooting down five enemy aircraft in the Battle for Malta.

Scott, a member of squadron 603, was "told-off" for going for a cigarette and not being where he should be.

When he met the Queen again, he reminded her of the occasion and he told Sky News: "It came up when we were talking and she smiled. I've been looking forward to the visit, I enjoyed it very much. After all, I haven't seen the Queen for around 70 years, so it was quite a thrill to see her again.


"It's been a wonderful day and I am so pleased to have met both their Royal Highnesses. The Duke of Edinburgh and I have something in common you see - we are the same age."

In 1953, the former pilot from Shrewsbury was seriously injured after ejecting from a Tiger Moth biplane in an aerobatics display in Edinburgh.

He has had extensive plastic surgery to rebuild his face after the fault saw the plane plunge 500ft to the ground.

The Queen is presented with a bouquet of flowers

On their departure the Queen who was joined by the Duke of Edinburgh was presented with a posy by seven-year-old Charlotte Murphy from Rosyth.

The week has seen the pair travel across Scotland and earlier this week the Queen and Prince Philip hosted a garden party for 8,000 people and attended the official opening of a University research centre and a hospital complex in Glasgow.

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