06/07/2015 09:31 BST | Updated 07/07/2015 09:59 BST

'Virgin Atlantic: Up In The Air' ITV Documentary Follows Staff From Richard Branson To Cabin Crew Recruits

To mark its 30th year, Virgin Atlantic have invited the cameras to go behind the curtains of this most colourful of airlines.

Viewers will able to follow intimately the frantic efforts of staff at the airline's Crawley HQ as they prepare for the company's special birthday celebrations. This landmark day also marks the company's fresh recruitment campaign after a two-year staff freeze, together with the unveiling of new uniforms, even a new plane, all against the challenging background of the company's efforts to stop losing money.

ITV pulls back the curtain on Virgin Atlantic in a brand new series starting this week

We see everyone from one-man brand Richard Branson, to the chaps in the warehouse, to the 2,000 people applying to be cabin crew in less than 48 hours. Among this lot, 58-year-old grandmother Katrine, a lady who's decided to fulfil her lifelong dream and join the team up there in the sky.

Will there be another airline star in the making a la Jeremy Spake?

Of course, the big question we're asking is... is there another Jeremy Spake in the making? Lightning cannot surely hit twice, after the tireless ground services manager for Aeroflot was spotted in the TV series 'Airport' and transformed into a nationwide star overnight, but here's hoping. Altogether now, doors to manual!

'Virgin Atlantic: Up In The Air' begins on Tuesday 7 July at 9pm on ITV. Watch the trailer below...