08/07/2015 04:47 BST | Updated 08/07/2015 04:59 BST

L'Oreal's Helen Mirren Adverts Cleared By Advertising Standards Authority After Airbrushing Complaints

L’Oreal have been cleared by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), following viewer complaints over an advert featuring Dame Helen Mirren.

The veteran actress starred in a TV ad for the beauty brand’s Age Perfect products, and the clip featured numerous close-ups of her stunning skin, while she provided a voiceover.

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“It’s the science I trust to help me look like me,” the voiceover declared. “Nourish and indulge your skin, and show those age spots who’s boss. Grow another year bolder. Look and feel more radiant. Our perfect age is now. So are we worth it? More than ever.”

However some viewers objected to the promo, with one accusing the brand of using “post-production techniques” to change the actress’s face, reports the Guardian.

L’Oreal countered that they had made efforts to ensure 69-year-old Helen looked as she does at red carpet events, and the ASA has now ruled that the brand did not make any false claims, or mislead potential customers.

Helen at a recent event

A statement on the matter read: “The ASA considered that consumers would expect Helen Mirren to have been professionally styled and made-up for the photo shoot, and to have been photographed and filmed professionally in flattering conditions.”

The ASA also investigated the print ads, and ruled: “We understood that some retouching had been carried out but that the changes were minor and did not relate in any way to the claims made for the product.

“We considered this approach was acceptable so long as the resulting effect was not one which misleadingly exaggerated the effect the product was capable of achieving.

“With regard to [the TV ad] … We noted that wrinkles were clearly visible on Ms Mirren’s face in both ads, including across her forehead and around her mouth.”

Helen at the 2015 Tony Awards

“We considered that the recent press images of Ms Mirren would have reflected a similar degree of professional styling and makeup as the images in the ad, without any post-production amendments, and that her appearance in the ads was comparable to those more candid images.

“We therefore considered that the ads had not altered Ms Mirren’s appearance in a way that would exaggerate the likely effect that could be achieved by consumers’ use of the product, and concluded that the ads were not misleading.”

Helen began working with L’Oreal back in February, and in her first campaign, she delivered their classic ‘because I’m worth it’ line a twist, instead stating: “So are we worth it? More than ever.”

Jane Fonda was L’Oreal’s previous age-cream spokesperson, and she was also 69 years old when she began filming ads. Jealous? Us? Never…

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