Without access to hygiene products people can lose confidence and self-esteem
Today, over 20 of the UK’s biggest manufacturers and retailers, including Amazon, L’Oréal, The Disney Store, Procter & Gamble
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'I haven’t ever really thought much of Cheryl, just because of her track record with these kind of things.'
Munroe Bergdorf has said that she wasn’t surprised by a recent statement from Cheryl Tweedy’s publicist, which came in the
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Fans on social media think Munroe Bergdorf would be perfect for Rih’s brand.
The model referenced Cheryl's assault on a toilet attendant in 2003.
Cheryl Tweedy’s spokesperson has responded to comments made by model Munroe Bergdorf about her removal from L’Oréal’s diversity
She even kept her cool when he branded the patriarchy 'a load of nonsense'.
Model Munroe Bergdorf held her own against Piers Morgan in an interview on Monday’s (4 September) ‘Good Morning Britain’, during
L'Oréal had an opportunity to really listen to the raw and truthful sentiments made by Munroe as a direct response to the violence of white supremacists in Charlottesville. Not only did they have the opportunity to listen, but they asked for this opportunity. In establishing a diversity initiative, and therefore addressing structural racism, you can't then pick and choose what to support.
L’Oréal has sacked its first transgender model who on Friday attempted to defend her “all white people are racist” comments