Munroe Bergdorf Has Been Hired By Illamasqua After L’Oréal Controversy

M'kay 💅🏾

Munroe Bergdof seems to have bounced back from her L’Oréal shunning by signing with cosmetics heavyweight Illamasqua.

The transgender model recently made headlines when, while signed as an L’Oréal ambassador, she wrote about the trickling effects of systematic racism in a Facebook statement.

Few could argue with her opinion that racism is alive and well in 2017, until she made a broad generalisation stating that “all white people are racist.”

Of course, the latter polarised thousands.

It’s brave and forward-looking of Illamasqua to hire the outspoken model, since the storm has barely settled but then, they’re not exactly known for being wallflowers.

The news was received with very mixed reactions. While some see it as vindication of the model (and her view-point), others see it as endorsement of racism.

On the whole, fans were pleased for - and even proud of - Bergdorf for moving so swiftly and fabulously on. But we’ll let the memes tell the story.

Some called it as they saw it.

Others rejoiced for Bergdorf.


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