Who Deleted Me? App Tracks Facebook Friends Who Dumped You

Who Deleted Me? Fiendish App Tracks The Facebook Friends Who Dumped You

You can now find the culprits behind your dwindling Facebook friends list.

A new app, launched by Anthony Kuske, allows users to discover who has removed them as a friend on the social network.

The app is named "Who Deleted Me?" and it's servers have already buckled under the pressure of high traffic.

This is the interface of the app

The tool by the Exeter based developer can only track real-time 'defrienders' so trying to see lost friends from the past is redundant.

It's free to download and is available on Android and iOS platforms and can also be used as a Google Chrome extension.

It used to be available as a Facebook app but was taken down, a message shared by the creators revealed the reasoning behind the removal stating: " (the app was) creating a negative user experience on the site".

Facebook has disabled the old version of Who Deleted Me, because they don't want you to be able to see who unfriends...

Posted by Who Deleted Me on Thursday, 26 February 2015

Some critics of the product have already shared their opinions of the app on Twitter:

But while Facebook doesn't want you to have a "negative experience", it has some pretty draconian policies concerning what it will and won't let you see.

For example, nipples! The site famously allows the male anatomy to be displayed but removes and blocks the female parts.

A blog post from Laura Dodsworth on The Huffington Post UK wrote:

"I'm currently half way through a three day 'sentence', again, unable to like, post or comment. My crime? I shared the front cover of my book, Bare Reality: 100 women, their breasts, their stories."


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