Ariana Grande Apologises For 'Anti-America' Doughnut-Licking Video, Blames Obesity In The US

Ariana Grande's Apology For 'Anti-America' Comments Leaves Us Baffled

Ariana Grande has apologised for comments she made about “hating America”, though her explanation has left us a little baffled.


Earlier this week, a video surfaced of Ariana and her new dancer boyfriend in a doughnut shop, where she was seen licking the sweet treats that were left on a counter, before rudely addressing a staff member, saying: “What the fuck is that? I hate America.”

After the footage went viral online, Ariana cancelled an appearance at an MLB All-Star concert, and has since attempted to explain her actions.

Ariana Grande

In a newly-released statement, she says: “I am extremely proud to be an American and I've always made it clear that I love my country. What I said in a private moment with my friend, who was buying the donuts, was taken out of context and I am sorry for not using more discretion with my choice of words.

"As an advocate for healthy eating, food is very important to me and I sometimes get upset by how freely we as Americans eat and consume things without giving any thought to the consequences that it has on our health and society as a whole.”

So she’s… she’s blaming it on the country’s obesity problem? Seriously?

Warming to her theme, the ‘Bang Bang’ singer continues: "The fact that the United States has the highest child obesity rate in the world frustrates me. We need to do more to educate ourselves and our children about the dangers of overeating and the poison that we put into our bodies.

"We need to demand more from our food industry. However, I should of known better in how I expressed myself, and my new responsibility to others as a public figure. I will strive to be better."

So... let’s just get this straight.

Ariana is claiming that she was rude to a staff member and licked doughnuts on a counter, before leaving the shop without paying for them, as some kind of anti-obesity protest. That’s… that’s what she’s saying, right?

Let’s just hope her fans are in a forgiving mood, because there was quite the backlash within the ‘Arianator’ community when that video first emerged...

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