'Big Brother' 2015: Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace Tweets Helen Wood's Phone Number After 'Drunken' Night Out

Has 'BB' Aisleyne Gone Too Far With Her Latest Helen Prank?

It’s not often we feel sorry for ‘Big Brother’ baddie Helen Wood, but we’ll admit we felt slight sympathy towards her when she became the victim of a Twitter prank by Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace.


The two furiously rowed throughout their time in the ‘BB’ house last month, but now it would appear that their feud has continued in the outside world.

Following a night out with former ‘TOWIE’ cast member Maria Fowler, Aisleyne posted a message to her Twitter followers, writing: “Yeah babe nice to see you too.”

Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace

She also posted a phone number, adding: “Give me a call, I’m still drunk are u?”

However, rather than her own phone number, it was later discovered that Aisleyne had actually posted her ‘BB’ rival’s number on her page.

Helen Wood

Surprisingly, Helen didn’t have much to say about the incident, although she did suggest we hadn’t heard the last of it, cryptically writing: “You seriously couldn't have made a better move. Thankyou. #lastlaugh”

Helen’s argumentative nature has landed her in trouble in the ‘BB’ house - during her second time on the show she was issued a formal warning for comparing Brian Belo to a “murderer” and a “rapist” - but she’s also had several public feuds with housemates in the outside world too.

She and Danielle McMahon continued their war of words long after they left the Borehamwood bungalow last year, with Helen even revealing in her newspaper column that she’d even been arrested over an incident involving her former housemate.

Victor Ebuwa ('BB5')

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