Kim Kardashian's New Photo-Shoot With Kanye West Is Her Most Bizarre Yet

Is This Kim K's Most Bizarre Photo-Shoot Ever?

Considering that in the past year we’ve seen Kim Kardashian balance a glass of champagne on her rump and donning a sailor hat on the cover of Rolling Stone, we don’t throw expressions like “most bewildering photo-shoot yet” around lightly.


Yet, after gazing at these new pictures - shot by photographer Juergen Teller, and published in a special booklet in System magazine - we’re struggling to recall a moment that Kim has left us feeling more baffled - which truly is saying something.

In the newly-unveiled photos, Kim is shown in such glamorous locations as lying down in a field and hanging around in the great outdoors in nothing but nude-coloured undergarments, while still showing off the bleach-blonde hair she was seen sporting earlier this year.

Erm... as you do

And, of course, no swanky magazine shoot is complete without having a lounge about in a giant pile of dirt, is it?. Ahhhh to be an A-lister.

Kim was styled by the shoot by her husband, Kanye West, who also appears in one of the pictures, looking noticeably more covered than she is.

Don't you want to just kiss him on the nose?

Let’s face it, she must be a little chilly lying down in that cold grass, he could have at least given her a scarf or something. The poor dear will catch her death cavorting about like that.

The couple also appear smooching on the front cover of the booklet, which is included in the new issue of System magazine, on sale from 11 July.

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