Madonna Computer Hacker Given 14-Month Prison Sentence

A man responsible for hacking the computers of several singers, including Madonna, has been sentenced to 14 months in prison.


Under a plea bargain, Adi Lederman pleaded guilty to computer trespassing, infringement of privacy and property rights this week, and has now been given a prison sentence, as well as a fine of 15,000 shekels (£2600).

Back in December, 13 demos from Madonna's latest album 'Rebel Heart' were leaked online, causing Madonna to rush-release six of the completed tracks, including lead singles ‘Living For Love’ and follow-ups ‘Ghost Town’ and ‘Bitch I’m Madonna’.

However, it was not said in the court case whether Lederman was responsible for the album leak.


The court said on Thursday: “The ease with which crimes such as this can be committed by those who have skills in the field, such as the accused, require an appropriate punitive response that has a deterrent and uncompromising message.”

It was also confirmed that Lederman’s sentence had been mitigated, due to a prior medical condition.

Back in December, Madonna caused controversy when she compared the leak of her album to “a form of terrorism”, and branded it “artistic rape”, adding: “I have been violated as a human and an artist.”

Following the arrest, Madonna said: “Like any citizen, I have the right to privacy. This invasion into my life - creatively, professionally, and personally remains a deeply devastating and hurtful experience, as it must be for all artists who are victims of this type of crime.”

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