Remember When... 30 Years Ago, 'Back To The Future' Made A Star Of Huey Lewis - Who Else Enjoyed Hits That Year?

All this 'Back to the Future' talk today has got us, inevitably, got us humming 'Don't need money, don't need fame....' into our coffee cups.


Huey Lewis and the News found global fame by being in the right place at the right time, with a song that proved the perfect soundtrack to Marty McFly and Doc Brown's time-travelling exploits.

Huey Lewis had a huge hit AND turned up in the film in a cameo role

Huey even had a cameo appearance in the film, turning up as a faculty member who rejects Marty's band's audition for the school's Battle of the Bands contest.

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Continuing the joke, the band in the film can be heard playing an instrumental heavy metal version of the 'The Power of Love'. And Huey responds, "Hold it, fellas ... I'm afraid you're just too darn loud."

The song fared better in real life, scoring a worldwide hit and being nominated for an Oscar.

But, as you can see in our top ten list below, it wasn't one of the best-selling top ten of that year. Can you remember what the biggest hits of the day were - at a time when Radio 1 still wielded formidable chart influence, and the idea of downloading was a mere glint in Napster's eye? To help, we've polished off our TDK 90s compilation tapes, and bring you... the countdown of the UK's top 10 of 1985. Prepare to start some tapping of the toe... what's your favourite??